Why Investing in design makes good financial sense

Clients who understand quality creative, and the value it adds to their organisation, are the ones we designers all love working with. They are responsive to great design and conceptual thinking, they see the need for strategic creative and drive us to deliver better outcomes.

These clients are often business owners, marketers, strategists, brand enthusiasts, publishers and communicators who understand the difference between quality and ordinary creative. They see that good design is not just pretty graphics, but has a core communication purpose and when done properly, provides a strong emotional connection and longevity. They see how it draws their market to their goods and/or services via its subliminal messaging and underlying concept. They invest in design because they know it helps build their brand and that's what ultimately drives sales.

So how do we convince the other 50% of customers that investing in design makes good financial sense? The answer is we can't!

Customers who continually focus on the bottom line, chasing the cheapest design result do not understand value, they only see cost. Their design outcomes are normally short lived and do not provide the long-term strategic outcome that their brand or service requires. They are often the ones who think they can replicate similar results via cheaper methods such as design crowd sourcing. Unfortunately it seldom works as the strategic thinking has been replaced by way of graphic choices which are chosen on looks alone.

So where do you sit on the value scale? If you are in the top 50% of people who value good design and appreciate the return it provides, then please make contact ... we'd love to hear from you.