About Us – Vetro Design

Since its formation in 1999 Vetro Design has cemented itself as a leading design studio in Collingwood offering quality solutions and expertise across a wide range of communication disciplines which include Branding, Corporate Identity, Annual Reports, Brochures, Property Marketing and New Media.

Led by its director, Vince Aloi, Vetro Design has successfully integrated over 20 years experience in multi-disciplinary design including graphic design, project management and production. A culmination of experience, passion for detail and extensive knowledge, has produced a track record and loyal client base.

With Vetro Design as your design partner, you have the best of both worlds… the creativity and polish of a large agency, with the responsive service of a boutique studio.

You deal directly with Vetro’s creative people rather than through a “suit” removed from the process, reaping efficiency, transparency and exchange of ideas that keeps your project on track, and on budget. Those efficiencies bring other benefits too: rapid response times, personal service and creative outcomes that more often than not, exceed expectations.