Vetro Design... why choose us?

At Vetro Design, our creative excellence is backed by the resources of our studio comprising the latest in design hardware and software including full back-up and archiving of client data. 

We comprise a close-knit team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to delivering
targeted and memorable solutions that will engage customers while continually researching global design trends which is vital to producing contemporary, cutting-edge, creative outcomes.

Our ability to retain clients (some in excess of 12 years) is a testament to our level of commitment and superior service to our clients.  Above all our client-focused account management integrates a four ‘R’ approach to ensure we deliver best value outcomes.

Client and project requirements, needs, expectations, attitudes, values, barriers, incentives, budges and delivery preferences.

Integrating client perspectives and responding with a creative execution that exceed expectations, service and delivery.

Building and maintaining the relationship so that we better understand each other, solve problems, and deliver solutions that add value to your organisation.

Evaluating outcomes which includes customer satisfaction, project delivery, budget, completion time and follow up.

So when considering your next communication project, ensure you are getting the value your project deserves... if not, touch base to see how we can help.

Masters of graphic design

Graphic design is a problem solving process that requires substantial creativity, innovation and technical expertise to achieve a successful communication solution. Unfortunately the design industry is populated with a range of so called “designers” who are really “wannabees” with a computer that believe graphic design is just putting type and pretty pictures together. This leads to a project outcome that does not possess the strategic thinking, creativity and innovation for it to succeed.

We are masters of structuring and organising visual information in order to aid communication and create a positive user experience. We aim to learn and understand our client’s product or service, their goals and target audience in order to deliver a high quality outcome. We recognise the complexities of visual communication and how to achieve a successful solution. It doesn’t matter if the project is big or small, or whether it has a large or tiny budget, our quality process doesn’t change. Our experience spans projects across branding, corporate, editorial, web, financial and environment for local and state governments, small to medium size business.

If you would like to experience design that works then give us a call. We are only to happy to bring someone over to the good side and save them wasting their money on ineffective results.

Why Investing in design makes good financial sense

Clients who understand quality creative, and the value it adds to their organisation, are the ones we designers all love working with. They are responsive to great design and conceptual thinking, they see the need for strategic creative and drive us to deliver better outcomes.

These clients are often business owners, marketers, strategists, brand enthusiasts, publishers and communicators who understand the difference between quality and ordinary creative. They see that good design is not just pretty graphics, but has a core communication purpose and when done properly, provides a strong emotional connection and longevity. They see how it draws their market to their goods and/or services via its subliminal messaging and underlying concept. They invest in design because they know it helps build their brand and that's what ultimately drives sales.

So how do we convince the other 50% of customers that investing in design makes good financial sense? The answer is we can't!

Customers who continually focus on the bottom line, chasing the cheapest design result do not understand value, they only see cost. Their design outcomes are normally short lived and do not provide the long-term strategic outcome that their brand or service requires. They are often the ones who think they can replicate similar results via cheaper methods such as design crowd sourcing. Unfortunately it seldom works as the strategic thinking has been replaced by way of graphic choices which are chosen on looks alone.

So where do you sit on the value scale? If you are in the top 50% of people who value good design and appreciate the return it provides, then please make contact ... we'd love to hear from you.

Good design equals value

Creativity and design can add real value to business in many ways. It creates value through people, products, customers, and in turn to an entity's bottom line. The value in a brand and its associated creative marketing is the only real means of gaining a competitive advantage. Otherwise how else do you quantify a price difference on a similar product or service? One way is to look at our design value formula which is ...


Design and creativity is often considered the most valuable sales person a company can hire as it helps connect a customer to a product or service without any elevator sales pitch. It works 24/7 around the clock and doesn't need to scream sell, sell, sell as it performs subconsciously utilising the power of persuasive design.

So how does your silent sales person stack up? If we can assist you in adding value to your business, brand or product get in touch. After all, everything we create is designed to communicate and add value, more so than just look good.

About Us – Vetro Design

Since its formation in 1999 Vetro Design has cemented itself as a leading design studio in Collingwood offering quality solutions and expertise across a wide range of communication disciplines which include Branding, Corporate Identity, Annual Reports, Brochures, Property Marketing and New Media.

Led by its director, Vince Aloi, Vetro Design has successfully integrated over 20 years experience in multi-disciplinary design including graphic design, project management and production. A culmination of experience, passion for detail and extensive knowledge, has produced a track record and loyal client base.

With Vetro Design as your design partner, you have the best of both worlds… the creativity and polish of a large agency, with the responsive service of a boutique studio.

You deal directly with Vetro’s creative people rather than through a “suit” removed from the process, reaping efficiency, transparency and exchange of ideas that keeps your project on track, and on budget. Those efficiencies bring other benefits too: rapid response times, personal service and creative outcomes that more often than not, exceed expectations.

Graphic Design Capabilities

At Vetro Design we recognise the complexities of design projects and that their success relies on more than just our design skills. To ensure your projects’ success, we begin our service by establishing strong communication strategies.

We understand the pressures of project management and aim to reliably deliver creative solutions with outstanding results. Our project management experience will enable us to deliver your project on time effortlessly as we work with you… rather than for you.

With our broad design expertise, combined with the collaborative approach of our studio, Vetro Design has the credentials and expertise to consistently deliver a positive outcome each time.

Our process map for a successful creative outcome follows these 7 critical steps….

  1. Planning
  2. Research
  3. Creative
  4. Development
  5. Production
  6. Delivery
  7. Implementation

Collingwood Design Studio

Johnston Street, Collingwood, amongst the hustle and bustle, lies an urban, colourful, vibrant mecca that forms the creative precinct to our design studio. Alongside the cafés, furniture designers, architects, shop fitters and retro vintage shops our environment presents plenty of creative inspiration for our graphic design studio. We take this inspiration to nurture our creative thinking.

Vetro Design is a Melbourne graphic design studio. Our philosophy is to create outstanding design solutions that add value to your business. Whether it be a new logo design, stationery, brochure, poster, annual report design, invitation, promotion, magazine, infographics or a new website, our team delivers award winning results every time.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Our aim is to develop quality creative solutions that work for your business, increase your brand presence and help set you apart from your competitors to deliver results.

We understand good graphic design and its power to persuade. Our passion and commitment is evident in every piece of work that we produce … from inception to completion. To make your next creative project stand out, consider Vetro Design as your Melbourne graphic design partner.

Call us on (03) 9415 8555 to discuss how we can help bring your creative project to life.